Meet the Cooks, a great family of four who are Levitt Shell regulars

Meet the Cooks, a great family of four who are Levitt Shell regulars


What do you enjoy most about the free concerts at the Levitt Shell?

We enjoy bringing our family to a place where we can enjoy music and fellowship with our friends in an environment that is also safe for our children. We are both music lovers so for us to have a venue where we can enjoy one of our favorite things and also let our children engage with friends (old and new) is a beautiful thing!

Do you have a favorite memory from time spent at the Levitt Shell?

Our favorite memories have been watching our children grow up at the Shell. Our oldest child was born in 2009, which was right around the time the Shell was revitalized. We have watched her learn to crawl, walk, run, dance and frolic with her friends through the years. We just had our second child last year and we are watching her go through the same phases at the same place. When we look back on their lives, it will certainly be canvased with the Levitt Shell as a major backdrop.

If you had a friend that had never been to the Shell, how would you describe the experience to him or her?

A family safe, community based environment where people come together to enjoy free music, food and fellowship.

How would you describe the role of the Levitt Shell in the Memphis community life?

The Levitt Shell has become one of the main focal points of the community. When we talk to people around the city about the Shell, most agree that it is one of the most positive things going on in Memphis. It is a source of pride for me personally when talking about it to people who live in other places such as Nashville. It is a cornerstone of our current Choose 901 culture and should be one of the things that organizations describe about themselves when trying to convince talent to move to Memphis to live and work.

How can the Levitt Shell better service the Memphis community in the coming years?

By partnering with great community groups such as Girls, Inc. and Advance Memphis, the Shell can continue to shed lights on these wonderful organizations that do so much for different people in the city of Memphis. The Levitt Shell is the perfect platform to spread the news about the great work these groups are doing and to garner support for their missions.