“It’s like a neighborhood concert but, your neighborhood is the city.”
— Mikey Hoffman

MEET THE HOFFMANSA Levitt Shell Family

What do you most enjoy most about the free concerts at the Levitt Shell?

Thea: "Meeting up with friends and listening to good music!"

Diana: "Hearing new music and hanging out with friends- sometimes I even meet NEW friends!"

Mikey: "Ditto."

Bo: " The people watching - it's the best after a few songs in."

Kati: "It's my time to reconnect. Whether that's with dear friends, a beloved band of musicians or my city - I always leave my Shell satisfied."


Do you have a favorite memory from time spent at the Levitt Shell?

Thea: " I have a tie. My 6th birthday!! My Golden Birthday... remember you got the gold suit Elvis?! He was kinda creepy though... that party at The Shell- because Ms. Cindy got Mr. Cory Chisel to play AND like ALL of my friends were there! Then, there's the time... oh, wait. I forgot the other one. Well, really- EVERY Shell is my favorite!"

Diana: "I still love the crazy band who wore stilts. I really don't have just one favorite, either. Any Shell that Meredith came to was my favorite."

Mikey: "The Shell when I met my new Shell friends is my favorite."

Bo: "pass"

Kati: "My favorite Shell memory was Thea's 4th birthday at the Shell - aka the secret Norah Jones show. It gives me Holy Spirit tears just remembering Anne leading everyone in the crowd to sing Happy Birthday to Thea that evening. That memory helps me remember my love and dedication for this community on those why Memphis days."


If you had a friend that had never been to the Shell, how would you describe the experience to him or her?

Thea: "It is loud, there's lots of people and it's AWESOME!!!"

Diana: "The new lights are really pretty, and you'll always see someone you know there and the music always makes you want to dance- even if you're not in the mood."

Mikey: "It's like a neighborhood concert but, your neighborhood is the city."

Bo: "What Mikey said."

Kati: "I'm gonna go ahead and say I blend my answer into T, Di & Mikey's answers - Kudos, y'all!"


How would you describe the role of the Levitt Shell in Memphis community life? 

Thea: "Umm, it's in my community and it is my life?!"

Diana: "It means where is the Shell in our community, right? I mean, it's in the center, the very center of our community. Like there's our house, then Overton and of course, the Shell is in the center of Overton and then, there's our school on the other side. So, yeah it's the center of our community."

Both Boys: "Pass"

Kati: "It centers me in our community. It provides me with new music and new friendships. It opens my eyes and my heart to all sorts of new ideas and thoughts - I watch folks from all different backgrounds dance and sign along to musicians and I am reminded how beautiful it is that we are all so different and yet so alike."


How can the Levitt Shell better serve the Memphis community in the coming years? 

Thea: "Stay open all year long*giggles and smirks*!!"

Diana: "As Ms. Anne says, Keep it FREE!"

Mikey: "Put up a soccer goal?"

Bo: "I say, keep that youth intern program going so, I can apply soon."

Kati: "Again, I will blend my answer. This time it's Di and Bo's answers. I say, Keep doing what y'all are doin! It's a gift - a blessing in our lives! Long live the #shellebrities !"